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Praxis Center for Aesthetic studies is a learning space for professional artists to develop their careers.
All online classes come with support that is personal and will directly answer your questions.

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"Excited to join the class and want to thank Brainard for being generous with resources. I applied to the Odessa Biennial that Brainard mentioned and got in! This will be my first international show and a homecoming to my native Ukraine. Much gratitude"

- Tatyana Ostapenko, Artist

"This is magic! I raised 80% of my goal in just one week. It's amazing how generous people are if you just ask! Thanks Brainard !"

- Kim Faler, Artist

"I have lots I want to share with all of you but I will tell you my project was completely funded by one patron today. All $17,600! I still can't believe it! Thank you Brainard!"

- Barry L. Wingard, Artist