About Praxis Center For Aesthetic Studies

Praxis Center for Aesthetic studies is a learning space for professional artists directed by Brainard Carey. All online classes come with support that is personal and will directly answer your questions.
If you have a question, email Brainard Carey

Frequently Asked Questions.

Question: How do the courses work?
Answer: All of them work by subscription. It is a like Neflix or another service where you get monthly access to library of courses, only in this case, you also get personal questions answered in the private classroom that comes with a subscription to the courses. A subscription to all the courses costs $40 USD a month for all the courses except the Patrons and Sponsors course. The VIP Membership is $59 a month and comes with all courses plus the Patrons and Sponsors course.You can cancel your membership at any time, and as soon as you join you will have full access to all the classes listed in the Course bundle that begins with Getting Your Art Exhibited. You can take the classes in any order you wish.
Question: Where can I buy Brainard Carey' Books?
Answer: Almost anywhere books are sold. Here are a few quick links to all of them on Amazon, but you could go anywhere. Making it in the Art World and New Markets for Artists, and the most recent book - The Art World Demystified (you can get a signed version shipped by Brainard by using the links at the bottom of this page or a regular version anywhere else.
Question: Once I enroll, how do I get to the private classroom where you can answer my questions and where I will meet all the other artists in the class?
Answer: You will see the private link to join it in a letter you will receive as soon as you sign up.

Current books available from Brainard can be bought on amazon or other places online or you can get a copy signed and doodled by the author and shipped directly to you from this page.

This is how to get one, directly from the author.

Signed copy of the book, The Art World Demystified, shipped.

Paperback: 308 pages

Publisher: Allworth Press (April 19, 2016)

Language: English
Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.9 x 8.9 inches

(available on amazon and everywhere else, but not signed and with a doodle just for you)

Signed copies of my new book!

With a small original doodle by me included are now available for 35 bucks, including shipping anywhere in the U.S, with lots of love from me. The book is about the art world and the strategies artists use to accomplish their goals, it's my third book, and best I think, with case histories as well as interviews with John Currin, Arthur Danto, Betty Cuningham, Laura Hoptman, Vicki DaSilva, Sue Stoffel, Todd Levin, Robert Storr, Michelle Grabner, and others.
This is a link if you want to buy one book shipped anywhere in the U.S. Click here or use the button below.