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A 4 week intensive in which we take a deep dive into the artist’s life. We build a strategy for each artist, depending upon where they are for future success.

Starting date for next session to be announced.

In this class, you will have four live webinars as well as one on one time with Cheryl who will be assessing you portfolio and presence in the art world.

This course is only available to active members of Praxis Center.

The Dive:

We will take a deep dive into your work, your marketing materials, your presentation, your social media profile, your website, to chrystallize who you are as an artist and where it will fit into the larger market place.

The Presentation

We will craft a speakable point of view that clarifies your work and presents it in the strongest possible light.

The Target

Once we know who you are and to convey that, we will set realistic, obtainable goals to begin the process of building successes.

The Plan

Now that we have clarity, positioning and goals, we put in place a specific plan of action to obtain those goals. From use of social media platforms, to targeting galleries, curators and thinking outside of the box to creating opportunities for yourself that you hadn’t thought of before. Feeling empowered will open up a whole new way of thinking. It’s a reboot!

Enrollment Deadline: December 29th

Class Duration: 4 weeks

Lecturer: Cheryl McGinnis

Participation fee, including a one hour, one on one phone call with Cheryl $990.

This is what students in Praxis Center have been saying about her approach;

"I just received a nice email that a real local gallerist would like to represent me. So according to what I have learned here- I have been discovered, which is good ! I am also in 4 shows in south Florida during the next few months, as was recommended by Cheryl McGinnis ! Things are moving thanks to the support here! thanks Brainard Carey and Cheryl McGinnis!!"

- Ann Friedlander

"Cheryl McGinnis, been taking your advice thinking out of the box. Hired to do a live painting at local mall, for a cancer awareness event. Took photo of some women at local landmark restaurant , told them about it. They came and brought friends. Painting not up to my usual standard for lack of time but had lots of PR. Walked away with new set of paints $400 and many connections. Thank you for helping me to think local !"

- Lori Solymosi

"Cheryl, thank you so much for your passion and generosity!"

-Diana Gongora .

"Thank you Cheryl! Your passion and love for the arts is terrific! SUPER enjoyable and certainly contributes to being healing to the world, if you ask me. Thank you! Your presentation was highly useful and important for us Artistʼs!"

- Beatriz E Ledesma

"Cheryl your complete immersion into getting my space to where it is now and the way I will always show my work going forward was amazing you are a tour de force I have a painting titled a force of nature and it was a terrific experience and so happy to have had it."

- Don E Wunderlee

Your Instructor

Cheryl McGinnis
Cheryl McGinnis

Cheryl McGinnis is a galleriest, art dealer, curator and educator. Currently she is Curator at Flatiron Prow Art Space, and an Art Correspondent at Cheddar Inc., and a Host at smART stART/Fb Daily Live Show.

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