Time Management for Artists - Creating More Studio Time

How to effectively manage time and be in the studio more

You love what you do. And while this can be a huge benefit, it can also mean the difference between productivity and getting trapped by your own dedication to your art. Sure it would be great to be able to spend all day, every day just creating, but that’s not realistic for any artist who wants to make a living. It is important to factor in time to do things like apply for grants, arrange appointments with potential clients, and myriad other small and large tasks that are equally important to your success as an artist. In this course, you will be guided through some basic components of time management. You will learn tips and methods to schedule your days for optimum productivity. By following each of the modules you will begin to develop a sense of how to structure your day so that there is time for everything you want to accomplish as well as time for everything you need to accomplish.

Module One: Identifying distractions

Module Two: Learning not to multitask

Module Three: Devoting time to non-art tasks

Module Four: Allowing time for flow

Module Five: Organizing for maximum efficiency

Module Six: Creating a schedule

Module Seven: Setting reminders

Module Eight: Building in wrap up time

Your Instructor

Brainard Carey
Brainard Carey

Brainard Carey has written three books for artists; Making it in the Art World, New Markets for Artists, and The Art World Demystified.

Carey interviews major and minor figures from all over the art world for Yale University radio. He is an educator and also an artist that has had major shows like The Whitney Museum Biennial and many others.

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